Welcome to Fawzya Khosti, Executive Function Coach, LLC

We help our students create successful habits!

2390 E Camelback Road, Suite 130

Phoenix, AZ  85016

(480) 648-1122

(480) 648-1122

Welcome to Fawzya Khosti, Executive Function Coach, LLC

We help our students create successful habits!

2390 E Camelback Road, Suite 130

Phoenix, AZ  85016

(480) 648-1122

(480) 648-1122

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Services Offered

We offer customized Executive Function Coaching, Behavior Management Coaching, and Chess Coaching for people of all ages. In addition, we offer our Keys to Success Workshops for High School and College students. 

Executive Function Coaching – This program helps improve working memory, focus, metacognition, thinking speed, impulse control, task initiation, flexibility, time management, planning/prioritization, problem solving, visual awareness, goal setting and follow through, and emotional awareness. 

Progress Monitoring – We support and monitor student success between sessions through text, email or phone calls. 

Chess Coaching - This program offers students the opportunity to reinforce executive function skills through Chess.

Behavior Management Coaching - This program helps students who have behavior concerns learn new and more successful behaviors. This is an excellent opportunity to work on specific behavior issues.

Keys For Success Workshops- These workshops are designed to help high school and college students prepare for upcoming educational challenges.

Meet Our Coaches

Fawzya Khosti,M.A.Ed./CI, Ed.D. (abd), Executive Function Coach

Fawzya has extensive experience working in the field of education and social work. She loves helping others reach their highest potential, and she does this by evaluating and addressing issues holistically.  

Fawzya's education includes a B.S. In Psychology, a M.A. In Curriculum and Instruction, and Ed.D. (abd) in Higher Education Leadership.  

Fawzya's experience includes evaluating children, adolescents (ages 3-18), and adults to determine their social and psychological needs in order to make appropriate recommendations focused on helping the individual minimize challenges and maximize their potential. She has mentored numerous (high school and college) students at Yavapai College while teaching Psychology 101, and she has coached many adult students while working as faculty at Western Governors University in order to help them reach their highest potential. She particularly enjoys working with students to help develop their confidence, self-esteem, and organizational skills.  

As an executive function coach Fawzya has worked with a variety of students. She has helped young students with challenges such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and anxiety, improve their executive function skills and become more confident and successful.

In her spare time Fawzya enjoys photography, pottery, and painting. A creative outlet is important to a balanced life because it teaches us to plan, strategize, learn from our "mistakes", and helps us focus and problem solve more effectively.


M. Y. Khosti, B.Sc., M.A.O.M., Chess Coach 

Mr. Khosti has a vast and varied background. He learned to play chess while an undergraduate student at Ohio State University in 1963. Since then his career has encompassed familiarity and expertise with the culture, languages, religions, politics, and economics of Afghanistan and the surrounding area. He is fluent in English, Dari, Pashtu, and Farsi. His many and diverse experiences have prepared him to take on any training program. He particularly enjoys working with younger generations. 

Mr. Khosti recently retired from the The Department of Defense as a Cultural Specialist and is now interested in sharing his knowledge and skills related to improving working memory, focus, impulse control, visual awareness, goal setting, problem solving, and strategy through the game of Chess. His career has given him the opportunity to travel extensively and play Chess all around the world, including countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America (including Canada, and the United States of America). He loves the game!


Coach’s Role – The coach’s role is to identify and evaluate a student’s challenges and make appropriate recommendations to help the student create new successful habits that better serve their needs.  

Student’s Role – The student’s role is to honestly discuss their challenges and follow through on recommendations. The student’s role includes letting the coach know what is working and what is not working so that the coach can make adjustments to their recommendations and work towards promoting success.  

Parent/Guardian Role – The parent/guardian’s role is to provide all necessary information to the coach and to support the student during the coaching process.

We customize our programs to meet our student's needs!



From a Keys to Success Workshop Students:

  •“For me, thinking specifically about how I struggle with time management helped me call myself out on my tendency to procrastinate while I was studying. I think asking myself those questions allowed me to gain self awareness while actively doing something that may have impeded me from learning.”  

Student - Emily H. (Colorado State University Senior - Class of 2019)


"I was a rock star student in high school. Knowing myself freshman year I would have not taken this class...knowing what I know now I wish I had the opportunity to take this class before I started college."

Christopher K., Arizona State University Student, Class of 2020


"The idea of different workshops like these never really appealed to me, I didn't think they would really work. But after just one week I can see and feel the difference in my work ethic and organizational skills. This class gives you real skills that you can use every day."

Amanda P., High School Student - Class of 2019


From Private Executive Function Coaching Students:

"Fawyza has been an amazing help not only to my son but for me. I have has run ins with schools and teachers on behalf of my son. He has difficulty staying motivated and on task with no support from his school, so I heard about the amazing work Fawzya has done for other kids facing the same problems and had to see if she could help him. She has been working with my son for over a month, she has giving me so much hope. My son listens and follows what she says and seems more motivated. Fawzya is giving him skills that has made him become more independent and want to be more successful. She is also supporting me by monitoring my son so I do not always have to be on him about his school work  and other reminders, which takes a lot of stress off of us. I feel like I have someone that is on my child's side for once. I appreciate Fawzya's patience and seeing the best in my son."      

Sincerely,  Cara M. (parent) - January 2018


"Fawzya is a woman of high standards and is extremely ethical. She is the one to trust. Fawzya has helped me build my professional resume while coaching me in my business. She always follows through with whatever needs to be done and is very courteous when she replies to your questions in a very timely manner. Fawzya has helped me become more organized person. I can recognize my own improvements in my day to day life. My problem solving skills needed work but with her knowledge I can no longer say this is true. You will never be disappointed with Fawzya. I have experienced it all. I highly recommend Fawzya Khosti so do not hesitate to call her. Do it today and you will be better off for it."

Barbara K., Adult Student  - January 2018


"I got a habit makeover!"

Amanda P., High School Student - Class of 2019



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We help our students create successful habits.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that everyone is different, and we must customize a program to meet every student’s individual needs. 

Our Mission, Vision, and Goals

Mission: To improve a student’s quality of life by identifying and assessing a student's challenges and providing the appropriate support to promote success.  

Vision: To improve the lives of our students, one challenge at a time.  

Goals: To identify and evaluate a student's executive funtion challenges and provide customized recommendations and support that promote success.


Fawzya Khosti, Executive Function Coach, LLC

2390 E Camelback Road, Suite 130, Phoenix, AZ 85016

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